Best Fabric Softener for Baby Clothes

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Basing on the customer satisfactions, we will provide you with the most recommended fabric softener for baby clothes selected from the website with good customer service, such as Amazon.

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Best Fabric Softener for Baby Clothes in the World

Dropps Scent Booster Pacs, Wild Orchid, 16 Count (Pack of 2)

Long-lasting scent. Good-for-you softness. dropps fabric softener pacs are the in-wash softener plus scent booster that softens, scents and protects your clothes like nothing else out there naturally.

Buyers Guide
  • “Wild Orchid smells so good!” – CRW
  • “The scent is amazing!” – Anna S.
  • “Super easy and lightweight to pack in our suitcase.” – Karen – mom of twins

BabyGanics Loads of Love Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, 120-count Box

When your family’s laundry comes out of the dryer, you’re looking for the 3 S’s: Soft, Static-free and Safe! And so are we.

Product Comparisons
  • “My clothes come out of the dryer with MORE static than if I just dried them with no dryer sheets.” – Todd Thorpe
  • “They were literally like a sheet of paper and no smell.” – C. Duro
  • “I am very disappointed about these dryer sheets.” – Leslie A. Schulz

Bounce Free & Sensitive Fabric Softener Sheets 120 Count (Pack of 3)

Enjoy softness and static protection without perfumes or dyes. view larger Enjoy Softness and Static Protection Without Perfumes or DyesThe soft feel you love about Bounce is available in a perfume- and dye-free formula.

Customer Reviews
  • “I have sensitivities to perfumes or dyes and these work great for me – didn’t cause a skin reaction.” – Jean1960
  • “This last box, sitting open by the dryer has flooded my garage with a nauseating perfume smell.” – V. Van Mullem
  • “My young son had horrible hives.” – J. T. Roach

Dropps Fabric Softener Pacs, Lavender, 16 Count

Long-lasting scent. Good-for-you softness. dropps fabric softener pacs are the in-wash softener plus scent booster that softens, scents and protects your clothes like nothing else out there naturally.

Fabric Softener for Baby Clothes Reviews
  • “It does smell like real lavender, not artificial, which to me has a very earthy smell to it.” – ALH
  • “This is a great product and leaves your clothes smelling so fresh!!” – McCarth
  • “It is very convenient not to have to catch the rinse cycle and add liquid softener.” – Gracie

Gain With Freshlock Apple Mango Tango Dryer Sheets, 105 Count

Fluff and tumble your way to fewer wrinkles, more softness and less static cling.

Product Ratings
  • “This gives your towels, sheets and clothes a very light fresh smell that is wonderful.” – sherryka918
  • “These dryer sheets are by far my favorite of all sheets I have tried.” – amy
  • “Glad I found them online because they are actually cheaper than in the stores here locally!” – Natalee Pfeifer

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Fabric Softener, Lavender, 32 Ounce Bottle
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

All you need is two capfuls in your rinse cycle to fragrance clothing, make them fluffy and soft, reduce that annoying static cling and make ironing easier.

Customer Reviews
  • “If you love the smell of lavender.” – S. Ward
  • “The products clean great and smell great.” – Heidi D
  • “I really like this fabric softener..” – Pat S. Michigan

Purex® Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Refill, Big Value 44 Sheets, Spring Oasis Scent

Follows your laundry from washer to dryer, eliminating the need for other laundry products

Buyers Guide
  • “This is a great product for travelling.” – nancy h
  • “Very hard to find in stores.” – Richard A. Clark
  • “There are no spills to worry about from traveling with a liquid laundry soap.” – Bea Taura

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Refill, Big Value 190 Sheets, Pure & Clean Scent

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets are a load’s worth of detergent, softener and anti-static, all in one powerful sheet. Simply drop laundry sheet into washer, the detergent is released during the wash cycle.

Product Research
  • “Great for traveling.” – Doreen Slaney
  • “You don’t have to store bottles of liquid detergent and fabric softener risking a spill/leak as well as taking up space.” – Michelle Jensen
  • “The bad news is that it is now very hard to find this product in stores–so stock up.” – Axman

Forever New Liquid Ovacion 16 oz
Forever New

Clothes are expensive. You want them to look, feel and fit like new for as long as possible. Ovacion will help keep the fit and shape of your favorite garments, revitalizing and restoring normal wear and tear of clothing especially in the neck, sleeves, cuffs and waistband.

Buyers Guide
  • “I use it for all my delicate lingerie, hosiery, sweaters, etc.” – mymaryjanes
  • “My clothes smell like baby powder.” – Wanda G. Wagner
  • “I really hope the product is still going to be available in future but just in case I’ve been buying up every bottle I can find.” – Sophia Loren

Grab Green Wet Dryer Cloths, Fragrance Free, 32 Sheets
Grab Green

Grab Green’s Wet Dryer Cloths are biodegradable, infused with plant derived softeners and static reducing ingredients naturally derived from the renewable Canola plant.

Buyers Guide
  • “Also excellent at eliminating static cling.” – S. Mead
  • “I hoped for good performance, but was skeptical.” – H. Wargo
  • “If I would have written it two months ago – I would have started at 4 maybe 3 stars.” – Azure Adler

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